Abiodun Koya


Although Abiodun started out as a Classical and folk singer, she started making performance materials out of African beads, Yoruba historic craftworks, and pieces that enable her storytelling. This compelling need for craft aid for her storytelling through Music got her into the world of craft making. 

In 2016 she added craft to her Artistry for performances and for exhibition purposes. Her craft works include dolls, head wears, crowns, tie-dye wearables, garment embroidery, and embellishments to create a fantasy of an unseen world. She loves to write & compose stories and themes to match her crafts. These are crafts not originally created for the purposes of music. She has had exhibitions and explorations at the Benin City School of Art. 

She takes pride in creating and designing couture for public figures and for her stage performances; the high-end wearable is dubbed “Africana”. 90% of her crafts are auctioned for charity purposes after their first launch to help communities or help raise funds for non-profit organizations.