Abiodun Koya



The Abiodun Koya Foundation is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to raising Academic and Music literacy within the rural communities and among underprivileged urban dwellers in Africa. Aiming to improve the well-being of less privileged children in Africa, The Abiodun Koya Foundation endeavors to facilitate equal access to quality education for them. As a Foundation which solely depends on donations and grants, we aim to host as many fund-raising events as possible to help raise money for our causes. Building tomorrow’s future forms the core of the Foundation’s activities.

Academic Literacy:

Children in most African countries are more likely to be forced into street trading or trafficked abroad as sex workers to support their families while a girl-child in Africa is more likely to be withdrawn from school for early marriage purpose due to economic difficulties. 

Based upon the conviction that an educated citizenry is an asset to the society, Abiodun Koya Foundation provides scholarships to underprivileged youths and Orphans who otherwise would not have the financial means to fulfill their educational aspirations.

Music Literacy

It is the intention of the Founder to use both the known conventional and unconventional methods to stimulate the interest of young people in classical, folk music and the art of proper musicianship either to take them up as a full lifetime career or belong to the movement that seeks to preserve its honored values. 

This is done through the Founder’s initiative: The Music Literacy Program (MLP).